vintage African trade bead on leather

vintage African trade bead on leather

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vintage, circa 1920, millefiori glass, African trade bead on leather cord with black wooden beads, glass crow beads, and horn hairpipe beads; features a sterling silver hook and eye clasp

necklace is 18 inches long
trade bead is just under 1 in. (31 mm long) and 12 mm wide

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i usually only work with natural stones and organic materials but was so intrigued by these vintage beads at a show in denver, co over 15 years ago. they have been in my secret stash since then, my father wears a set of them on leather with a cool arrowhead that he found. folks had been asking him about the beads and requesting custom pieces, so it's happening! this bead features a variety of colors: blue, red, black, yellow, white, and has a bit of a curve to it. this necklace is designed for men and women.

-i have a good variety of these beads, some with faces. let me know if i can make a custom piece for you, can pair with gemstones.