Hey, I'm Sarah

Born a wandering heart, it didn’t take me long to leave home in search of curiosities. Like most that make decisions beyond their years, life hasn’t been easy, as it seems I can’t shake the wrongs despite the rights. It is my story that paints the pictures of beauty, darkness, and determination, which has made me who I am.

I started making jewelry while living in Colorado.  Ten years there, I would learn the basic concept of beaded jewelry and also the value of natural gems and minerals. I'd craft necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. I would accompany a silversmith artist to art shows and festivals for more than 10 years as my main source of income. Becoming familiar with this environment made it difficult to conform to mainstream employment, its hourly wages, and such.

While raising my 2 kids, I did some time in the service industry. I had no education or work experience that could really be proven on paper so other employment was hard to find. I would save any extra money to stay active in the arts and crafts scene. Though I wasn’t able to travel, I was able to participate in local festivals, which in many cases would bring in more income than a week’s worth of pay. I was determined to get back to making a living with my own two hands. I started the year 2016 free falling, self-employed on my jewelry alone and some crazy dreams. 

Like many folks, my life hasn’t been glamorous at all. The struggle to maintain has been as real as it gets but my craft has been with me all the way. Making a living off of your own talent isn't easy, and there's no time for quitting. If you want to succeed (pay your bills, lol) you must be willing to jump with the reality that you'll always be learning to fly (yes that is a Tom Petty reference).

Over the years I have zoned in on a style that has come from all of my experiences and inspirations but also leads me home. Heavily influenced by the styles of the seventies, and traditional Native American design with an interest in bones and other organics.